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  • Aliza ladies sexy lingerie Reger: Lingerie Queen


    Aliza Reger is the daughter of Janet, large size lingerie the lingerie entrepreneur who changed the way women look and wear underwear. She told Tamara Corin her mother's story, and her dreams for the Reger brand.

    My mother's design career cheap lingerie sets started very early in her life while she was still a child, designing and making clothes out of scraps for her younger sister's dolls. She soon progressed to logo design, coming up with the emblem for the Sunday School Truants Club that had the limited attendance of her sisters and cousins.

    She grew blue laca eunderwear up in a large family in the East End of London but once Hitler's bombs started raining down on them, the family moved to Reading. She was the oldest of four sisters.

    Her father, who had a textile business, bought up old parachute silk which was made into bras for Littlewoods and thereby inadvertently started her passion for beautiful and luxurious lingerie.

    My mother left school and went on to study Contour Fashion at Leicester Polytechnic, now De Montfort University, where her final collection was selected as the best of the year.