4 Everyday Health Hazards You Should Avoid

  • It is a well-known fact that the advancement of technology has made our everyday lives easier. But unfortunately, technology has brought its own share of health hazards, which, although not readily apparent, takes a toll on people’s health in the long run. Some of these are unavoidable as the use of moderndevices like smart phones have become part of our daily existence.


    This article aims to educate readers about some of the common health risks that they are unknowingly subjecting themselves to. (Information credit: getsavvi.co.za)


    1. Using a mobile for a prolonged period of time

    As mentioned before, the use of mobiles and other related wireless technology has increased exponentially over the past few decades.


    Prolonged use of a mobile device and constantly looking down can subject your neck and back to extreme levels of pressure. This phenomenon is more frequently referred to as text neck. By limiting use of smart devices and stretching regularly you can limit the damage caused by this.


    2. Using plastic containers inside a microwave

    This is another common mistake made in many households without realising the health risks. Plastic containers are unsuitable for microwaving and should be avoided at all costs. This is because of the presence of chemicals like Bisphenol-A which are known to induce cancer, premature puberty, heart diseases and other health hazards.


    Plastic, when heated, triggers the release of the aforementioned chemicals which are then absorbed into the food that you’re warming up. Consider replacing plastic vessels with microwave-friendly utensils which are manufactured using non-reactive material.


    3. Overusing humidifiers

    Humidifiers are used by many households, especially indry climates with low levels of moisture content. Humidifiers are built for positive health reasons but can also have a negative impact on your health if used in the wrong way. People are less than diligent when it comes to cleaning out their humidifier properly which can lead to even worse health problems.


    The moist and warm environment inside a humidifier transforms into a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, producing a toxic mist which people inhale. Research has shown that humidifiers have caused prolonged lung complications like asthma (especially in little children). Cleaning it thoroughly and maintaining it on a regular basis can be the only solution to this problem.


    4. Walking through an airport X-ray scanner

    The safety and security requirements for modern-day air travel involve X-ray machines in order to scan each passenger before their journey. This is done to check for any sharp objects, blades, guns or any other weapon that can be used to cause harm. Most airport scanners use “backscatter” radiation technology which is a significant health risk for any individual. Backscatter radiation is a direct cause of DNA damage which can ultimately lead to cancer.


    The above instances highlight everyday activities that posepotential health risks or prolonged ill effects and should be controlled, if not avoided.