How to Install a Gas Fireplace

  • Fireplaces add warmth and elegance to your home. For their high aesthetic value and affordable prices, gas fireplaces are widely becoming popular. They provide the perfect centrepiece for your living space. From modern designs to a traditional masonry look, gas fireplaces fit any kind of decor.  Building a gas fireplace could be a challenging task. Hire a professional for expert fireplace installation service and design your dream fireplace. (Information Credit -


    Here are some steps to install a gas fireplace.


    • Pick a Location for Your Fireplace

    You should reflect on several factors before picking a location for your gas fireplace. The fireplace should complement the décor of the room. Additionally, make sure you pick a location that would be convenient for the installation of a gas line, an electrical circuit, and an exhaust pipe.


    It is more convenient to install a gas fireplace on an exterior wall to allow the venting pipe to pass right out of the wall.


    • Purchase a Gas Fireplace

    If you are looking for a gas fireplace, your options are limitless. You can pick modern designs or traditional ones, depending on the interiors of your home.  Remember to order the essential materials you will require to create the venting while buying your fireplace including pipes, a wall-pass-through etc.


    • Build a Platform for Your Fireplace

    Though a fireplace is a small unit, it is hazardous to place it directly on the floor. You will need to build a platform for your fireplace. While building a platform remember to choose a material that is non-combustible and will suit the décor of the room.  You can use ceramic tiles for your platform. Many companies feature ready-made platforms for you to purchase. You can have a platform made while ordering your fireplace.


    Don’t forget to discuss the construction of the platform with your fireplace contractor. Also, consult with your contractor about clearances of combustible surfaces before installing your fireplace.


    • Position Your Fireplace in Your Chosen Spot

    After selecting a spot in the room where you want to keep the fireplace and building the platform, position your fireplace on the desired spot. Don’t forget to get rid of all the combustible substances from your room before installing the fireplace.


    • Prepare the Venting

    You can prepare the exhaust in the following steps:


    • Once you start fitting the exhaust pipe, you will find out where you exactly need to puncture a hole in the wall.
    • After determining where the hole for the exhaust pipe will go, use a pencil to draw a circle around the pipe on the wall.
    • Remove the fireplace platform and the fireplace out of the way to get a full view of the wall while cutting the hole.
    • Cut the hole for the vent. The size of the hole should match the wall-pass-through. You can use a drywall saw to precisely cut a hole around the marking you made.
    • Install the venting system after cutting the hole.


    • Hire Professionals for Installing a Gas and Electricity Lines

    Check the position and level of the fireplace and attach the platform to the floor. Regardless of where you choose to place your fireplace, you will need a new gas line. You might also need to install new electricity lines. Shift the electrical boxes as needed and get a new electrical line. It is better to hire a licensed contractor to install the gas line and electricity line.


    Many people do not create a mantle or frame while building a gas fireplace.  A decorated lumber piece or any other decorative pieces would enhance the aesthetic value of your fireplace. Unlike wood burning fireplaces which require a chimney, gas fireplaces are easier to install. You can install your dream gas fireplace by following these fairly simple steps.