Curry sprained right ankle short ship

  • According to reports from the U.S. media, the Warriors star Stephen Curry will miss today's home game against the Clippers due to NBA Live Coins a sprained right ankle before the shootout ends.

    According to the Warriors team reporters revealed that, on Wednesday morning local time, Curry slipped training shot near the end, then the right ankle accepted a team doctor examination. It is reported that Curry was identified ankle sprain. Sources said, "Curry's ankle does not look serious, but the Warriors do not want to take any risks for this season."

    As the two regular season MVP, Curry had missed the right ankle for a long time before. After returning from the game, he played five games and performed well, averaging 35.2 points and shooting 57% from the field. During this period, 33 of 62 from 3-pointers helped the Warriors get 5-0.

    In addition to Curry injury because of the war, today the Warriors still lack of Klein - Thompson, his rotation off. In other words, water Brothers will be on the stage concept. However, Kevin - Durant, Drummond - Green and Andre - Andre Iguodala and others will play.

    For KD, this game is of great significance. If he faces the Clippers get at least 25 points, it will become the second-year NBA history, 20,000 points, second only to LeBron - James. Prior to this, KD missed three consecutive games due to injury.

    In the history of NBA, 20000 points before the age of 30 players, including James, Bryant - Bryant, Michael - Jordan and Chamberlain. "I never thought my name matched them, but knowing who I was to become a member of that group was very special to me," KD said. "How much is never my goal, nor is it me The reason for playing, but doing so before the age of 30, is still very special to me. "

    The Warriors are currently in a wave of NBA Live Mobile Account five-game winning streak, their record is 33 wins and 8 losses ranked first in the west.