Rockets has all-star reserve lineup

  • "There is no surplus grain from the landlord's house." This is the classic lineage of a certain movie of that year. Nowadays, one of NBA Live Mobile Coins the more grain-oriented barons of the rocket can not be disposed at all. The most horrible place in the world is not only to have the two core areas of Harden and Paul , Also has a complete set of second lineup, bench rocket has a very strong space for fault-tolerant, which allows the main players can rest peacefully presence, or even reflection.


    Rockets has all-star reserve lineup, saying that this is not an exaggeration, after Paul's return, Gordon played the bench, the campaign against the Knicks, because Anderson had missed training this week due to illness, he served as a substitute for this campaign . Gordon was named the US national team and helped the team win the World Championship, he became the NBA's sixth best man last season. Anderson, meanwhile, was named the Player of the Year in 2012. In the same year, he was one-third of the NBA's NBA player. When the bench was in possession of these two Musketeers, Nede and Bad Moutt .