Rose is sincere enough for everyone

  • Rose is sincere enough for everyone. The next day, PK shots with the media friends and table tennis doubles. In order not to let everyone wait, he did not warm up and started to NBA Live Mobile Coins participate. As a result, neither of them won. He treats the game serious enough, playing ping pong and cutting ball appears. The end of the game is very embarrassed to say: "The two favorite sports have lost, let everyone down, I'm sorry." Also insisted that I translate for everyone to listen.


    Rose's serious is divided into two parts: simple and stubborn. In the world of adults, there is nothing wrong with either of these two parts, but to be fair, are there two things in the adult world?When interviewed in 2015, let him pick his favorite top ten ball, he did not pick a pass. Ask him: "Is not really a pass?